Research & Development

Research & Development

The company NANO TECHNOLOGI CZ s.r.o. cooperates with leading Czech companies and research institutes.

Our partners:

Nyklíček a spol. s.r.o.

The textile company Nyklíček a spol. Ltd. belongs to the traditional Czech companies in cotton industry. The company has manufacturing equipment of high quality, which makes it, together with the professional work of the employees, one of the leading stable companies in textile industry in the Czech Republic. Company Nyklíček a spol. participates at research and development projects. The company was the leader of research projects developing textiles with special electric characteritics.

Technická univerzita v Liberci
Fakulta textilní

The Faculty of Textile Engineering provides as the only one in the Czech Republic academic education through whole textile subject. The Faculty of Textile Engineering is active in research and development. The research is focused primarily on new technologies and materials – the fields where the faculty has traditionally an excellent quality. The faculty has professional experienced staff and a variety of specialized laboratories with unique modern equipment. Inventions like new technology of production of flat nanofiber textiles classify the faculty to prestigious institutes.


Nanomembrane is a young successful Czech company, which puts into practice and industrial production the world-wide unique invention from Liberec – nanofibre membrane. This membrane does not let water through and breathes almost like a second skin. The ambition is to offer these new clothes not only to sportsmen but also to all people who want to be well-dressed but do not want to get wet. When tested on special instruments in Technical University of Liberec, where nanofiber membrane called Nanomembrane was developed, Nanomembrane demonstrated better qualities than the products of the outdoor market leaders.

Research & development projects

KOMPOZITEX – Composite Textile Materials for Humans and Technology Protection Devices from the Effects of Electromagnetic and Electrostatic Fields (2012-2015)

Development of textile and composite materials with high conductivity and high electromagnetic shielding effectiveness for protection against high frequency electromagnetic radiation.

Project detail

The project KOMPOZITEX was funded by the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic.

The company NANO TECHNOLOGI CZ s.r.o. is involved in the commercialization of outputs of the project Kompozitex. The outputs include special fire-resistant, heat and flame resistant materials. The materials developed within the project Kompozitex were used for the production of the emergency evacuation suit.

A new proposed research and development project:

NANOTROTEX – Composite nanostructured electrode materials with textile matrix

Research team:

Nyklíček a spol. s.r.o.

Czech Technical University in Prague
Faculty of Electrical Engineering

VÚB a.s.

VÚB a.s.