About the Company

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    NANO TECHNOLOGI CZ s.r.o. is a young perspective company whose goal is to contribute to saving human lives in various areas all around the globe.

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    Research and Development

    NANO TECHNOLOGI CZ s.r.o. cooperates with the best universities and leading development centers. It has its own development and production operations for emergency equipment. The company is firmly backed by Czech and Slovak banks.

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    NANO TECHNOLOGI CZ s.r.o. exports emergency equipment all over the world: to Europe, the U.S., Russia, China, UAE, Indonesia, Australia and many other countries.

    Its customers primarily include security and emergency services of the ministries of the interior and defence of individual countries as well as private and international companies.

    NANO TECHNOLOGI CZ s.r.o. strives to make products the global standard for the rescue of human lives.

Awards and Referencies

Letter from the director of the testing institute

Dear innovators,

I would like to congratulate you for your results. Based on a spectrum of demanding tests of your material, we can state the following: it is a next-generation material. The transfer from a passive isolation suit to an active, cooling one promises a bright future in the area of safety and protection of health. It was a honour to be the first in the world to test this material in our institute, and we can immediately see several applications for saving human lives. The achieved results and times will allow people to survive in extreme conditions within a basically comfortable environment, and provide them with ample time to escape the dangerous area. What used to be a matter of seconds is now a matter of minutes.

Let me conclude by once again complimenting your results and vision !!!